The mission of the St. Jude Men’s Club is to aide and support St. Jude the Apostle Parish and all of the ministries of the St. Jude Parish in whatever capacities we can, and have fun & Christian fellowship while doing so.

 The St. Jude Men’s Club has an established St. Jude Ministries Grant Program. We will allocate a portion of our available funds each quarter for any and all of the ministries of St. Jude Parish to apply for a one time/non-recurring grant. The funds available will be on a 1st come 1st serve basis for grants up to $250, but each request must be specific in what they are being used for (how much, on what, when will it be used & why it is necessary). The grants should be submitted to Charmaine Biossat at the St. Jude Parish Office. 

As noted above, the grants will be approved on a 1st come 1st served basis until the funds for that quarter have been exhausted. If there are leftover funds that were set aside for the quarter, it would roll back in to the general fund and added to the total available dollars. If there are more grant requests than funds available, the requests will be pushed to the following quarter. We should also let it be known that the process is not immediate and can take a few weeks to go through the cycle. It also important to note that the total dollar amount available will change from quarter to quarter based upon budgeted expenses and funds available. 

To request an official Grant Request Form, or if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact either Haggai Davis, or SJMC,

A few of our recent grants recipients include the following:

Aug 2013-Jan 2014 SJMC grants: (over $14,000 in grants)
• Grant: St. Jude School for security costs ($3500)

• Grant: replacement of 8’-6” bb goals at back of playground parking. ($2500)
• Grant: Annual Giving Fund, St. Jude School ($5000) towards renovation of Activity Center (Gym)
• Grant: $1500 to the St. Jude Church Capital Campaign Building Fund

• Grant: St. Jude Scout Pack 103 - $400 grant for equipment and supplies
• Grant: Coffee for St. Jude teachers throughout the school year - $400
• Grant: Fair Auction Item - $350 (stock the bar basket)
• Grant: Gardere Christian School, pre-k book shelves - $250
• Grant: Annual Giving Tree - $250
• Grant: Gardere Kitz for Kids – $75 grant, provided bottled water for the event